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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Basic Tips for Eye Makeup


Basic Tips for Eye Makeup

Although each person is different , in makeup we can find some basic recommendations focused on simply achieving perfection . Such suggestions let everyone take what suits their characteristics and needs in order to look the right way every time.

Eye makeup has two major variants , which we use for the day and we drove at night. This will always be our starting point when it comes to developing a good eye look .

We can recommend some rules that manage to become a kind of ideal for those who intend to be always really good guide .

Let's start by talking a little then what is suggested in eye makeup for the day: that idea of combining color with shades of clothing is completely valid, but this does not mean that it should be exactly the same, just that are within the same range . As for those soft colors that can get a little light are the best , this is the case for white and even pink.

A good coat of mascara can give a touch of grace to your style , if you want to draw the brown usually look great .

Time is now for eye makeup for the night: in this case we will have a free hand to use shades of increased pigmentation and even more striking without fear of standing out. The best are outlined with a black pen and if you can be tinted or leave the line clean.

The expressiveness of the tabs is important, being external which require more be marked for a more impressive with a good dose of sensuality glance.

Basic tips for eye makeup then correspond to one of the best ways to find the best for your face .

Textures: To the shadows with color choose a pearly texture and lighting a matte texture .

If you like , you can also use a creamy texture (for those of you who have no eyelid smooth lines )

Tools : You will need a medium brush to apply your shadow with color and a larger brush to apply lighting .

Follow these easy steps once you have applied your foundation and Concealer

Apply the medium shade ( golden brown ) around the eyelid .

Apply the dark shade ( bronze tone ) just in the area of the bone to frame both the look and blend up almost to the fixed eyelid.

Apply white shadow just below the brow and blend until the blur of the latest shades .

Makeup between tabs with brown pencil without a thick line , only to thicken the lashes and blend with a brush.

Makeup with black shadow ( Bronze) helping a small brush just below the eye and blend not get to tear .

Apply a coat of mascara.

Comb brows and maquíllalas with special eyebrow pencil as close to your hair color , fíjalas with a fixative or a transparent mask .


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